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Color: black
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1 x 15.300 BD
Lorem ipsum fashion nine
Color: black
Size: x
1 x 15.300 BD

About us


We take great care to ensure that we provide quality products that are not just looking great but are extremely comfortable as well. Our selection process makes certain that we deliver brands that are not only well known, but resonate with quality and stylish craftsmanship! Our line of products comes from all over Europe, Brazil, and various other parts of the world.


To become the largest footwear retailer within the region. By offering a wide range of the latest, fashionable and highest quality footwear, that caters to individuals, families and corporate needs. All at reasonable prices to foster brand loyalty amongst our customers.

  • Quality and Standards
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Exceptional Service
  • Professionalism
  • Hands-on approach of management
  • Sourcing expertise and strong supplier network
  • Professional, in-depth knowledge of market trends
  • International brands/products at competitive prices


LATIF SHOE, the first shoe shop company was established in 1972 by Mr. Abdul Latif Khalid Al Aujan and his one steadfast supporter Mr. Hussain Al Shamlan, who played a significant role to bring the Latif Shoe Company into the limelight.

Latif Shoe Shop, from its very inception until now showcases its shoes without boxes and this has made a huge impact amongst its customers. Latif Shoe was always unique for it only sold shoes made in the UK and originals imported from France and Germany, which were in fashion.

Mr. Al Aujan, a humble, simple individual, who graduated from the UK was so passionate about his shoe shop that he cultivated and maintained close relationships with his customers by catering to all their needs and offering them levels of service seldom seen. This has made him a businessman of extremely high repute within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Latif Shoe, at the onset occupied just a fraction of the current premises in Bab Al Bahrain. Since then the company has progressed and expanded to ten branches in Bahrain and one in Saudi Arabia, while another branch opening shortly, making a total of twelve branches. This has been made possible only through the sheer hard work and dedication of Mr. Al Aujan and his family, by never compromising on quality even through trying times.

Latif Shoe set the bench mark as a footwear company over 40 years ago, while maintaining the traditions and culture of the Arabic business community. Today, his US-educated sons, and Khalifa and Aziz, are carrying the legacy of Mr. Al Aujan forward, as they share his passion and commitment to both the business and total customer satisfaction.

Latif Shoe, popularly known as the House of International Brands, continues to serve generations of customers and remains a part of Bahrain’s national heritage.

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